How to Verify Your Mover is Legitimate

Once you have shortlisted potential moving comapnies based on quote your received or any other criteria that is important for you. You should always do some minimum background check of the company before finalizing.

1. Verify that the moving company is licensed with Department of Transportation. Ask their DOT number and verify that it is still valid. In case of moving broker it would be Motor Carrier (MC) number.

2. Verify that the moving company has the adequate insurance. Visit to see the insurance information of the moving company.

3. Make sure the mover or broker is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) by visiting

4. Check the complaint record of a mover or broker at or call the FMCSA's Safety Violation and Consumer Complaints department at 888-368-7238 and ask about the complaint history of your moving company.

5. Check the company's information, consumer review and record at BBB website .

Its also a good idea to check if moving company is member of AMSA ( American Moving and Storage Association). Moving companies who are members of the American Moving and Storage Association have agreed to meet the standards of service, abide by the terms of published tariffs and participate in the Arbitration Program sponsored by that organization. You can check whether a mover is a member of AMSA by calling their toll free number 1-888-849-AMSA. In addition to establishing industry standards AMSA also provides arbitration services to resolve disputes over lost or damaged articles or other service matters.

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