Choosing Sharing Options.

A Move sharing options

Depending on how far you are moving, how much stuff you want to move and whether or not you want to drive a moving truck there are mutiple option when you move . By seperating them into different categories we try to help people chose the right option which fits thier criteria.

  • Share Rental Truck

    1 Share Rental Truck
    If you are confortable driving a moving truck, this option is suited for both short distance & long distance move.

    Short distance moves, for example if you are moving stuff from a small apartment within a city or want to haul a big furniture. For these kind of moves you might not need to use the truck for whole day or might not need all the space in the truck. In such a situation you can reduce the moving cost in half if you decide to share the truck or even more if three of you buy a furnitre from say Ikea and want to haul them together.

    Long distance moves, if you are movig from one city to another or from one state to another and thinking of hauling your items yourself, wouldn't it be nice if you can find someone who is also moving your way. This way by sharing you can not only reduce the cost but you can also take turns in driving . More importantly you will help reduce carbon foot print and will get someone to talk to in your long boring journey.

    Things to remeber when hauling a truck
    1. Remeber that moving truck rates vary depending on
    2. Always, check the truck for damage when renting.
    3. Check that gas is full if not get it mentioned in the receipt.

  • Share Container

    2 Share Container
    If you are not comfortable driving a truck but can load and unload yourself or with help of labor, container service might be suitable for you. This option is mainly suited for long distance move.

    Container service providers like U-Pack, Pods and 1800Packrat will bring container to your door step, you have to load the container your self or using some labor service, then the service provider haul the container to your destination, where you unload your stuff. Sometimes it might be possible that you do not have enough stuff to fill a container, in such a situation you might save money if you can find someone with extra stuff to share the space and cost. Moreover, do not forget that generally the cost goes down if you book a large container and share with someone, instead of each of you booking a small container, though the per cubic foot cost remains almost same but it is the extra cost that adds up for each seperate container.

    Things to remeber when renting a container 1. You will be charged extra if you change move date. 2. You might be charged extra if you are not available to take delivery of your container. 3. You leave trash in container after move.

  • Combine Inventory

    3 Combine Inventory
    If, you neither want to drive a truck nor want to load and unload yourself, in such a situation you can either find someone who can help you haul the truck and load, unload or you can go for a moving service provider.

    If you choose a moving service provider remember that most of the service provider require you to have a minimum inventory, if you do not meet the requirement you are still charged for that minimum cubic space. If you do not meet the minimum requirement you can post a request to combine inventory with someone. Remeber that drawback with this is that you both should stay nearby else you will have to arrange to move your inventory at one place.

  • Group and Move

    4 Group and Move
    This option provide you with a way to save money based on a simple phylosophy that any seller gives discount for bulk buyer.

    So, either you are using a moving service or using a container or want to hire a labor service and non of other ways of sharing and saving money works for you, simply post a message to form a group and negotiate with movers or any other service providers. This way you will not only get a good deal from movers but can also benefit from experience of someone who has already used a moving service. Believe it or not, moving is such a involved process it always good to get some advice from someone who has already moved in past. On top of that many moving service providers have lot of hidden terms and condition which you come to know only when you have booked your move, negotiating in group help you ask more question and hence better understand those fine prints.

    Now that you have already formed a group you can also leverage it to negotiate for other products or services like your new apartment rental, your new internet service, electricity service, new furnitures that you might need to buy at new location and what not. Buy in group and save.

B. Ride Sharing Options

Ride sharing options provide a way to save money if you are planning to rent a car or a cab or going on a long trip by your car alone.

  • Car Share

    1 Car Share

    Car sharing can be used in following scenarios: a. In case you are going from one city to another city by driving your car and you are alone or have space in your car to get someone else. What they pay goes towards you gas. b. When you want to park and fly and you are alone, wouldn't it be awesome that you take somelse as well along with you. Their contribution will pay for your gas and parking fee. Isn't it ?

  • Cab Share

    2 Cab Share

    Cab sharing is most suitable for situation like going to or from airport. If you do not have much luggage and are alone it would be wise to find someone with whom you can share the cab and save almost half of the cost.